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 A prescriptions for your SALSA addiction


All about the FISH!!


Blackened Salmon with rice pilaf and top it with some of our HABIT  Oh so delish!


Tilipia fish tacos! just load 'em up with what ever in the frig and top then off with some HABIT or REHAB simply Mouth watering!!

Shrimp! Shrimp ! Shrimp! need I say more, if you haven't had a Shrimp taco it's a MUST!! YA  you can just sautéed or steam them and throw it together But I say Fry em up! yes that's right I said fry! load 'em up and add HABIT or REHAB  you will be eating and craving them everyday!

Oh yes I said condiment!   A recent study found that Americans are now choosing salsa over their regular condiments ketchup, mustard and mayo. Why? let me give you the nutritional low down. Most Fresh and jarred SALSA's don't have all the sugars and high fat content as regular condiments do, ok enough about that.What it does have is amazing flavor and good for you veggies and your kids love it!


Here's a start:








and our Crave Cranberry Salsa,  we use it as a glaze on meats, BBQ. on Sandwiches, with a nice gourmet cheese.  It is so yummy one jar is not enough.


give it a try I DARE YOU!! And let me know what you tried Adictos a la SALSA on



Your cravings won't just stop at a chip, Have you ever added it to your favorite dish ? such as Stews, pasta, soups, and meats.


Spagetti -


REHAB adds just the right amount of season and spice or better yet use it as the gravy alone.

Meats - spread over any meat and bake or load up a steak when you take it off the grill  YUM!! or just give it a good marinate.




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